Social Networks

We arrange the necessary documentation to unsubscribe deceased people from the social networks that he was using.

There are currently thousands of inactive profiles on social networks that belong to people who have died. It is estimated that only this year in Spain, more than 50,000 Facebook users will disappear.
The network can continue offering friendship of a deceased person, you can continue to receive birthday reminders and the deceased can be offered as a friend. There is also the possibility of identity theft.
To avoid these inconveniences, in Postumer we do all the paperwork to unsubscribe deceased people from the social network.Once unsubscribed, the person disappears from the social network.
The network profile stops sending friendship suggestions, the deceased person will no longer appear in the user’s search and he will no longer be able to be “tagged”. The information contained in his account, such as photos, files, links, will be erased. Nevertheless, the information of the deceased person will remain available in the private profiles of their friends.